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House Fellowship Centres:  We need people that are willing to open their homes for house fellowship. Pls contact the pastor

1st Timer? We are very delighted to have you fellowship with us. We love u so dearly. May you be blessed in Jesus name. Amen.
Evangelism: Commission for all. U are welcome to join us every Wednesdays to pray and go out on the high street @ 12:00 noon. If u also have an ideas of how to evangelise effectively, pls see the pastor and share

Friday Night Youth Club

The youth club meets every Friday in the church at 7PM     All welcome

Every 2nd Friday of the Month:
Divine encounter (A time of prayer) From 22:30 - 00:30.


Sunday                                 Class



 Whenever you take a text of the Bible out of context, and, in isolation from its co-text, you have a pretext. 

Again, a text out of context, in isolation from its co-text is a pretext. 

A  Bulletin from
The Redeemed Christian Church of God

Open Heavens FIFE
Behold, I will do a new thing ... Isaiah 43:19

Blessed Week with the Holy Spirit

Merciful Father, make me hot! Whatever it takes, whatever it costs me, give me the Spirit-salve for my heart-eyes (Revelation 3:18) so that I may see what is Real, believe what is True, treasure what is Valuable, and forsake what is worthless.

Be a good berean
Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

Acts 17.11

Memory Verse: "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth .’’ Revelation 3:16

Bible Passage: Revelation 3 : 14 - 22
Introduction: Lukewarm Christians refers to believers who are no longer fervent in the Lord or believers who are indifferent and half-hearted about their faith (1Cor.3:3).
Some things to think about:
Mention some signs of lukewarmness; Why do you think we have a lot of lukewarm Christians in our societies today? What are the remedy for lukewarm Christians? Is lukewarmness limited to a class of people? What are the reasons believers can be-come lukewarm in their faith?

Jam.4:4; Isa.59:1-2; Jn.5:39; Jam.5:16b; Heb.10:25; Josh.1:8; 1Jn.2:15-16; Rom.12:2;Heb.12:2; Eph.5:19; Gal.5:19-21; Rom.1:16; Matt.10:33; Heb.11:6; 2Tim.3:5; 2Cor.13:5; 1Cor.11:31-32; Eph.5:14; Rom.13:11-12; Rev.3:19; Acts 3:19; Heb.10:23; Rom.10:17; Lk.6:47-49; 2Cor.3:18; 6:17-18.

Conclusion: God forbids His children from being lukewarm. There is no sitting on the fence, one is either for God or the devil.