Faith – We receive the direction and motivation from God and his word and believe that with Him on our side we can achieve what otherwise seems impossible.

Commitment – We are committed to winning souls for the kingdom of God and sharing His love with others

Holiness – We believe the bible and are committed to living the word of God. “Holiness will be our lifestyle”

Integrity – We build our relationships on trust and integrity with honest communication.

Excellence – We demand excellence of ourselves by exceptional practises, which lead to exceptional results. We continue to strive for uncompromising quality in all that we do.

People – We are passionate about people, people come first and we strike to meet their needs in all that we do. It has always been in our future plans to have targeted programs for the following Children, Teenagers, Singles, Married Couples, Parents, Elderly and Homeless. With the purchase of our new building we now have the facilities available to accommodate these individual programs. Through the grace of God our missions shall be accomplished. Amen. We invite you to come in and dine with the Lord of Host, who alone can solve your problems. You are welcomed to fellowship with us in Jesus Name.